Estudio Contable, Business Consultancy in Estepona

Estudio Contable is a consultancy company based in Estepona which provides management and advisory services in taxes, accounting, employment and other business areas. Our mission is to provide all kinds of companies, self-employed, freelancers and individuals the knowledge and experience necessary to enable them to continue to grow every day.

We adapt to the circumstances of each and every one of our customers by providing a personalized and friendly consultancy service, and by being there whenever required. Our methodology is based on rigorous and effective management and strategic and responsible advice resulting in solutions to ensure the best results possible

A business advice consultancy highly regarded since 1983


Our work is guaranteed by over 30 years of experience. Estudio Contable was founded in 1983 by Mr. Juan Quero in Estepona.

The best business advice in Estepona

Estudio Contable is a business consultancy based in Estepona that for more than 30 years accompanies and gives advice to companies, freelancers and individuals, giving them a complete service in consulting and management: Tax Advice, Accounting, Employment Advice and Financial Advice.

Tax Consultancy in Estepona

Tax Advice for all types of businesses.

From a global and strategic vision, our tax advisors analyze the fiscal and tax obligations of your business with the objective of providing tax planning that optimizes the benefits of your business and reduces the tax burden.

The tax environment is changing and companies need to be kept continuously to date. Committed and resolute, our team of tax advisors will continuously advise you on all tax changes to help you achieve the best solutions.

What can we do for you as tax advisors?

Preparation and submission of periodical returns and payments (VAT, income tax, IAE, IS, IRNR, etc.).

Study on the best way to create a business

Tax planning for natural and legal persons.

Analysis of the company’s evolution to take appropriate action in order to optimize the taxation.

Preparation and submission of Intrastat.

Advice and representation in management procedures or Tax Inspection.

Claims and appeals before administrative bodies and Economic-Administrative Courts.

Tax Reviews (Due Diligence).

VAT Refunds for “not established.”

Analysis and advice of Double Taxation Agreements.

Specialized Tax Consultancy for foreigners.

Specialized advice in foreign capital investments for creating business in Spain.

Advice on incorporation of companies in the Spanish territory.

Processing of NIE (Spanish identity number for foreigners)

Processing of foreign legal declarations.


Accountants Estepona

Accounting Consultancy in Estepona: Your accountants in Estepona.

We carry out and update the accounting for your company to facilitate your business management. We offer a personalized service which enables you to outsource your accounting processes and enabling you to fully dedicate yourself to your business.

Ordered, rapid and transparent accounting at all times to help you understand the economic reality of your business. Ongoing accounting analysis to help you optimize your business management and thereby make better operational and strategic decisions. Analyzing the economic situation of your company guarantees you a steady and secure growth, allowing you to obtain the best possible financial and tax situation.

What can we do for you as Accountants?

Preparation of accounting

Preparation of accounting records.

Reports on the progress of the company.

Analysis of amortization and provisions

Analysis of the company’s economic situation: monthly reports of the financial statements, profit and loss accounts, lists of final balance.

Legalization and registration of official books.


Employment Advice in Estepona


Estudio Contable, your Employment Consultancy in Estepona, provides employment advice for any kind of matter.

The correct Labour relations with employees are essential to the smooth running of your business. Therefore it is mandatory and highly recommended, in this discipline, to comply with the Administration of a range of information and documentation with the employees and management.

What can we do for you as employment advisors?

Social Insurance (Red System).

Job and Social Security advise

Registration, termination and data changes in Social Security employees.

Monitoring of the collective agreement applicable to the company.

Registration of the company, freelancers and other regimes of the Social Security system.

Processing reports of work-related accidents.

Individual and collective redundancies.

Request for pensions and benefits (retirement, disability, etc.)

Preparation of salary slips.

Study, counseling and preparation of employment contracts, and its presentation to the administration.

Socio-Labour Audit: The socio-professional audit aims to establish the level of compliance with the right to work and of social security by the companies. A socio-professional audit is to review and analyze the company’s documentation, to prepare a report which reflects the degree of compliance with the obligations imposed.


Financial Advice in Estepona

The analysis of the financial situation and a proper planning for the future, should be the day to day of every businessman, regardless of the size of your business.

Financial Advice Services

Treasury management and control.

Companies’ assessment.

If you need Financial Consultancy in Estepona, contact our team of Financial advisors and find out about our services and rates.

Feasibility plans.

Studies on profitability.

Financial Statement Analysis.